Summer is quickly approaching, and one thing that we are extremely excited about is warmer weather. Going to the beach, hiking and other outdoor adventures top most people’s summer activities. One thing that we will surely have to deal with is the summer heat. We all know how bad it can get when the heat is too much but thanks to the available cooling systems, we can remain cool inside. Although most households in Australia have installed ducted air conditioners, it’s not always that most affordable option. This is why we want to highlight another type of AC unit that is often overlooked – the window air conditioner.

Advantages of The Window Air Conditioner

There are numerous benefits of window air conditioners that make them a great choice this summer. To help you understand better why you should consider this type of air conditioner, here are some of the main benefits:

Low Cost

Cost is one of the main advantages of window air conditioners. Unlike the other types, this unit is highly affordable. When we say affordable, we don’t only mean they are in expensive to purchase but are also affordable to operate. Their monthly energy usage is very low compared to others such as central air conditioners. You will never be slapped with huge energy bills this AC.

Excellent Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking for an air conditioner with incredible energy efficiency, then window conditioners are the type for you. This is the type of the AC unit that will keep your room cool without spending a lot of money.  Most of these window air conditioners come with an excellent energy efficiency rate (EER), and thus you can imagine how much it will cost you to cool the house. So if you’re looking forward to maximising your energy saving, then window air conditioner may just be an ideal choice for you.

Window Air ConditioningEasy to Install

The process of installation is straightforward. Although it may differ slightly depending on your choice of model, it’s quite easy to install even for those who may not be considered as handy. Unlike most types that can be mounted anywhere, these systems are specifically designed for windows. The whole system, including the compressor, cooling coil, expansive valve and evaporator are in one box, and this is what makes the installing easy. You just need to ensure that the air conditioner will fit in the slot. It is quite easy to install a window air conditioner on your own.

Doesn’t Take Up Floor Space

With this type of air condition, you don’t have to worry about space. The system is designed to fit inside a window, and thus it doesn’t take up any square footage in your home.  This unit is very practical for people who live in small rooms or hotels.

Flexibility in Use

This is one air conditioner that can be used in a variety of settings. It’s a great choice for an apartment, bedroom, office, small business and dorms amongst other places. It’s also great for supplement cooling.


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