Although many people tend to turn to professionals when their air conditioners at home fail to function normally, there are some tips that homeowners can learn to troubleshoot and fix minor issues in the equipment. These can help save on operation and maintenance cost.  Here are some of the common AC problems and how to fix them.

The Most Common AC Unit Problems

Dirty Filter

Dirty Aircon FilterIf your air conditioner filter is clogged with dirt, it restricts the flow of air through the unit, hence decreasing its efficiency and minimizing its ability to cool the air effectively. The clogged filter also prevents the entry of fresh air in the house. If you haven’t recently performed a clean-up of the filter, now is the time to do it.  Regular replacement of filters in the central air conditioner should be done especially on units that run regularly.

Air Condenser isn’t Running

If the condenser has failed, properly check your power source to ensure that it is well plugged in. Another cause of condenser failure may be a blown-fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. A blown-fuse should be replaced when the power is off. In addition, a thermostat that is not correctly set may result in the condenser not running. You should lower the thermostat by about five degrees and see if it’s working. If the problem is as a result of faulty compressor or motor, you need to acquire the services of a professional to fix it.

Leaking of Warm Air

The leaking of warm air may result from broken window seals around your unit. You should check the condition of the seals and if that’s the case, use pieces of weather-stripping to reseal the area around the air conditioner.

The Air Conditioner is not Cooling

If the air conditioner is running but fails to cool the house, you should first check whether the thermostat is functioning properly. You should also check if the condenser is blocked and if so, thoroughly remove the blockage and clean it. A faulty compressor or a low amount of refrigerant in the system cause the unit to blow warm air. These issues may require the attention of an expert.

Plants Crowding Around the Compressor

AC Compressor with PlantsThe outdoor air compressor of central air conditioning units needs enough flow of air to function properly. It is recommended you ensure that there are no plants within at least 2 feet around the system. The top of the unit should also be widely cleared of plants and other structures to allow adequate airflow.

Too Much Sunlight in the House

If it is too sunny inside the room, your air conditioner may be forced to work harder, using more energy and increasing the chance of breakdowns. The thermostat might also record inaccurate house temperatures if it’s directly hit by the sun rays. You can place the AC unit on the window out of direct sunlight or use curtains when it’s too sunny.


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