Soon will be summer and the heat that comes with it can be unbearable. You need to have a working air conditioning system that will cool the room at a reasonable cost. There’s a few costly mistakes that most homeowners make while shopping for the AC units that you should be avoiding. Here are some tips that will guide you to purchase the perfect air conditioner for your home.

How to Choose the Right Home AC Unit

1.    Size and Power

Size of AC UnitDon’t assume that all air conditioners are the same even if they all do the same job. We have large and small air conditioners, and each size is best suited for certain conditions. The size of the space that you need to cool and the number of the rooms are some of the crucial factors that will influence your selection. Taking some measurement of the area will be of great help to give you a clue of what you’re looking for. The dealer can also help you choose the most suitable size for you.

2.    Efficiency and Cost

This is another important tip to consider, knowing that the system is a long-term investment. Be very careful with the cost of the unit. Prepare to invest in a system that’s most appropriate for your home. On the other hand, higher quality systems come with greater efficiency making them less costly to run. Highest SEER (above 13) rating is recommended.

3.    Quite Systems

No one wants to hear a noisy air conditioner unit with rattling fan. It will difficult to sleep or even relax at home with a noisy AC unit. Looking for a silent system is the most important feature and is the key to enjoying your system. Window air conditioners are notorious for this, so always test it before taking it home.

4.    Features

You should always research the available features in an air conditioner.  You should go for features that are make operating the system easy. These advanced features can include a sleep timer, energy efficiency, natural filter remover, antibacterial filter, human activity sensing and much more.

5.    Services and Warranty Period

This is a crucial tip. Service and warranty policies of the manufacturer must be clear. Go for a brand with a good reputation and extended warranties. Check if they have a replacement guarantee in their policy. This will save on your home AC maintenance cost if any problem occurs.

6.    Installation

You should consider getting your air conditioner installed by an AC Unit professional who is qualified for the job. It guarantees a job well done and safety. You should also find air conditioner outlets offering installation services which come with a discounted purchase. This may not be the cheapest option and thus consider shopping around for an installer and learn more before deciding. The installation cost will mostly depend on where you live, ease of the job and the type of system you’re having installed.


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