Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are essential to our homes especially during certain times of year. With most parts of the Australia experiencing extreme hot and cold seasons, you definitely need these systems to keep your home comfortable. An important factor when considering HVAC systems is their electricity consumption rating. Both heating and cooling appliances consume a large amount of energy within the home. Giving  routine maintenance helps them run more efficiently and thus use the least electricity. More to that, there are a few factors that you need to know about HVAC repair. Here are some of the key facts you possibly never knew:

Important HVAC Repair Facts You Have to Know

Before You Call

HVAC SystemThe first thing many owners do when experiencing problems with their HVAC unit is call a plumber. This shouldn’t be the case as some HVAC problems can be fixed without the help of a plumber. For instance, the problem could be the thermostat’s setting, breaker or switch. That is something that you can easily fix yourself. Most HVAC problems are easily fixed by homeowner, and this can save you hundreds of dollars annually. Sometimes you need to rest the system for about two hours, and it will start working properly again.

Selecting a Professional Technician

This is another area where many homeowners make a mistake. First, you need to realise that not everyone calling themselves HVAC technicians are indeed qualified technicians. Some are poorly trained, and could make the problem much worse. Secondly, HVACs are complicated systems, and only someone qualified in HVAC maintenance should do the repair work. Repairing through trial and error is a bad approach. Finding such a person is no easy task. Ask for referrals from friends and family members and  research online to find a contractor who is highly reputable and rated in your area. Once you have chosen a professional plumber/contractor, it is important to have a written agreement to protect both parties in case of unforeseeable problems.


The cost of HVAC repair is based on various factors. First, if you call a plumber to quote your faulty system, they will charge you for the travel cost and the time used diagnosing the problem. This cost is relative depending on factors such as distance and time taken. The final quoted repair price will be determined by the actual repair time, equipment and expertise needed to fix the problem.

Regular Maintenance

Aircon MaintenanceHVAC systems require regular maintenance. There is a common myth that servicing your system is a waste of money and time. Regular maintenance helps improve the systems efficiency, and reduce the amount of energy consumed on a daily basis. But you need a specialised plumber who is trained in handling dangerous chemicals and electrical wiring. Air conditioners should be serviced at the end of the winter to ensure it is functioning properly for summer.


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