Is your AC  giving you trouble? Have you been receiving high energy bills and you feel that something is not right? Well, the problem could be you and not the air conditioner. There are some mistakes that you might be making with your AC unit that may be undercutting its safety, effectiveness and efficiency.  Here are the common AC mistakes that could be affecting your home AC unit:

Common Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Mistakes

    Failing to change or clean the filters

Do you know that your AC filter should be changed once every three months? Well, every homeowner knows that, but they lazily allow the unit to run with the same filter for a few more months. The filters become clogged with dust and particles, and the machine is forced to overwork. This means the machine starts to operate at lower efficiency and more electrical energy is needed to keep the room warm- this means high energy bills. Always make sure that you replace the filters every three months or one month if the unit is running all the time.

    Not Servicing the Unit

Maintenance of the unit is essential for its efficient operation. Giving your AC unit a service is like offering it a new life. Every time the unit is maintained, its efficiency is raised, and the performance is enhanced. On the other hand, failure to provide proper service reduces the effectiveness of the unit and also exposes it to possible breakdowns. It is important to have your home AC serviced annually or twice in a year if it is running all time.

    Lack of a programmable thermostat

Low ThermostatIf you are still operating your Ac unit manually, then you should consider installing a programmable thermostat. The problem with manual thermostats are that you have to adjust the temperature whenever you need a change or when going out. Sometimes, or most of the time you will forget, and this will cost you hundreds on your energy bill. But with a programmable thermostat, it will detect when you are home and away and thus adjust the temperature accordingly. This will save a lot of money on your AC bills.

    Setting The Thermostat Too Low

According to Air Con specialists if you set the temperature too low during summer it will overload the unit and it will need more electrical power to cool the room. This means that you will end up paying more for your energy bills.  can solve this problem by getting your body adapted to high temperature. It’s scientifically proven that the human body can adjust to pretty quickly to changes in temperatures, even within a week or two. This way you can stop consuming much electrical energy.

    Cooling empty Rooms

If you have open AC vents in an unoccupied room, this could be one of the reasons why there are inefficiencies in your system. Cooling empty rooms could is a waste, and this cost is counting on your energy bills. It also overworks the system, and could be the reason why important rooms are not sufficiently cooled. Close these vents.


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