Air conditioners are designed to provide a comfortable environment, particularly during summer months. There are numerous tips on how to use air conditioners efficiently, and what to avoid for the appliance to work better, but some of these so called tips are nothing but myths. In this article, we will debunk some of the common myths and provide the truth.

The Truth Behind 5 Common Airconditioning Myths

1# Myth: Air Conditioners Can Give You a Cold

Reality: This is entirely true. According to various studies on air conditioners, air conditioners can give you a cold. While the environment becomes chilly, your body becomes vulnerable to illnesses such as common cold. The only thing that should be understood is that the common cold is not caused by the temperature drop, but rather the virus. It is more of a hygiene issue – make sure that you keep your home clean and wash your hand often to keep the virus away.

AC Repair2# Myth: Servicing the AC Unit is a Waste of Money

Reality: False. This is another myth about air conditioners that is mistakenly thought to be fact by many people. Some people don’t service their unit for years. Maintaining the unit identifies problems that can develop over the winter, preventing serious damage or a breakdown. Regular maintenance also helps to avoid costly repairs in the future. Servicing will help to improve the units efficiency, and reduce your energy bills.

3# Myth: You Will be More Comfortable if You Buy the Biggest Air Conditioner

Reality: False. This is another highly peddled lie about air conditioners. Some would equate it with refrigerators and think that having the biggest unit would keep the room more comfortable. It’s important to note that apart from cooling the room, the unit also dehumidifies it. To get the balance of the two, you need the right size machine for your house. It’s a matter of not purchasing the biggest machine, but the right size depending on various factors such as windows, air leak, and roof characteristics amongst other things.

Ceiling Fans4# Myth: It’s Cheaper to Leave the Thermometer at Same Temperature

Reality: False. Leaving the thermostat at one temperature will not in any way reduce your energy bills. As a matter of fact, you may end up paying more. You need a programmable thermostat that can warm the house while you are out and cool it when you are in.

5# Myth: With a Ceiling Fan, The Air Conditioner Won’t Run as Much

Reality: Not true. Fans don’t cool the air in the room, they just move it around.


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