With summer coming rather quickly, air conditioners will be a must have appliance in most households in Australia. But how well do you know these systems? Apart from the must have buying checklist, most of us have no other information about these appliances. Well, there are many interesting facts about air conditioners that you won’t know unless you have been a technician. Here are some of the surprising and exciting cool facts about air conditioners:

Surprising Facts About Air Conditioning System

    Initially, air conditioners were not meant for comfort. The motivation behind the invention of the first AC unit was to address a humidity problem. In 1902, Willis Carrier invented the modern air conditioner for a publishing company in the New York that was experiencing problems with contraction, paper expansion and ink control due to humidity levels. Over the years, the appliance was adopted into homes.

Ice in AC    When the first air conditioners reached the market, the output was measured in “Ice Power”. This means that the power of the AC unit was equated to the number of ice blocks it could produce. Today, they are simply referred to as the AC units.

    Charles Gates was the first person to build the first fully air conditioned house (a mansion) in Minneapolis, 1913. It also has gold plumbing and a full ballroom. Sadly, he died before the house was completed and thus never used the AC.

    AC systems helped to coin the term “Summer Blockbuster”. Air conditioners were first commercialised in movie theatres in the early parts of the twentieth century. In early 1930’s, most people used to go to theatres not only to enjoy the films but also for the cool air during summers. After observing that people would fill the seats over the summer season, the marketers took advantage of the trend to release the best films during summer months. That’s where the term “summer blockbuster” originated.

    Air conditioners do more than just cooling the house. Something that is often overlooked is that the unit also helps in controlling the amount of humidity in the air. The system works by taking moisture out of the air. Just make sure your thermostat is set in “auto” position.

    Air conditioning saves lives. According to various research and studies on air conditioners, it has been proven that the chances of dying on scorching hot summer days have reduced significantly (more than 80%) over the last 50 years. This can be attributed to air cleaning, particularly for people with asthma.

    Updating your current cooling system with green technology can save you hundreds of dollars in electricity bills. It’s important to note that almost half of an energy bill is caused by air conditioning. With green technology, your energy bills will be cut by nearly half. Know the 5 Air Conditioning Mistakes That Are Increasing Your Energy Bills.


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