An air conditioner is an important home investment that requires much effort when making a choice to ensure you do not need to make regular purchases of the same equipment. The unit should serve you for a long time efficiently throughout the year. This article will focus on important tips to consider when selecting air conditioning systems for your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Residential AC Unit for Your Home


Although the temptation of purchasing the least expensive unit to save cash might appeal you, it is wise to consider that pricier systems tend to have a higher efficiency and so the operation and maintenance cost is low. Having an initial higher buying price may save you a lot later as less will be spent on energy and maintenance cost. However, the amount of money at your disposal at the time of purchase will always dictate the type of unit you take home.

Home AC WarrantyPurchasing Warranty

A warranty is an essential consideration when buying an air conditioner since it covers the machine if something goes wrong. It is also advisable to make sure you are aware of the requirements to keep the warranty valid when you make the purchase. Some of the warranty is specified to be valid only when the unit is installed by a recognized contractor and therefore you may lose coverage if you install it yourself.

The Size of the Room

The room size is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the size of the unit you install in your house. The primary purpose of the air conditioner is removing humidity and heat from the interior space, so the amount of air it needs to work on matters when choosing a unit. Other factors that go along with the size of the room include the number of people in the room, total number of windows, room exposure to sunlight, and room insulation quality.


The air conditioning unit must be located in a place that is easily accessible when an HVAC repair or regular aircon maintenance check needs to be performed. For split systems which have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit separated by distance, the outside unit should be positioned in an area that is free from debris and has an elaborate landscape. The area of installing the system in your house should be strategic in a way that it does not cause obstruction and avoids the wastage of space.


Noisy ACToo much noise from your air conditioner is inconvenient. You don’t want to have to raise your voice to be heard. To avoid such noise, you might consider spending more to purchase an air conditioner that runs quieter than the cheaper units. Inverted Aircon deem a split system to be one of the most efficient as the location of its outdoor unit is away from the house.

These factors among others will help you determine the kind of air conditioning unit to install in your home.


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