If your air conditioner stops working, you don’t have to panic. There are some common issues that could have caused the failure, but most of them are preventable. Sometimes the cause is a broken down AC compressor. The cost of repairing compressor can be huge, and sometimes replacing the actual unit is more cost effective. But do you know that 80% of all causes of AC compressor breakdowns are preventable? Well, this is a fact. Here are a few ways to prevent AC Compressor failure:

Common Causes of Broken AC Compressors

Dirty Coils

Dirty AC CoilsThis is one of the major causes of compressor failure. When dust, mineral deposits, and grime build up on the condenser coil, it prevents the air conditioner from expelling enough heat from the system. The unit is forced to run constantly to cool the room, and this works against the compressor. There is increased pressure on the compressor causing it to overheat and fail. Keep the coils clean to avoid this problem.

Low Refrigerant Charge

The amount of the refrigerant is another important factor when it comes to proper functioning of the compressor. If the refrigerant level falls below the required amount, the system will be unable to expel heat. This causes the compressor to overheat due to increased pressure as it works harder to keep the room warm. This will definitely cause a compressor failure. Always keep the refrigerant at the required amount.

Blocked Suction/Refrigerant Lines

The compressor works by pumping the refrigerant through the lines of the AC system. If the suction lines are clogged or blocked, the compressor will be unable to expel the heat to the outside efficiently. As the blockage makes the AC compressor to work harder, the temperature will rise and eventually cause it to fail.

Incorrect Suction Line Size

This is a problem that mostly occurs after a repair. If the refrigerant line develops a leak, the best way to deal with it is through replacement. But if the technician is anything but reputable, they may use the wrong size to replace it – one that’s too large or too small for your system. Either way, this will cause a premature compressor failure.

Too Much Refrigerant

If you hire a less-than-qualified person to work refrigerant recharge, they may add too much refrigerant. Just like running on low refrigerant, this is equally as bad for the compressor. It can cause the compressor to stop working. Always get a professional to do the work.

AC Wiring IssuesElectrical Problems

Most of the electrical problems start small and build rapidly. The most dangerous electrical failure is caused by a build-up of acids that cause corrosive damage to not only the compressor, but to other parts as well. If you have a failed compressor, make sure you test for acids. It’s also important to have an experienced technician find and repair short fuses, damaged wiring and other potential electrical hazards.

Inadequate Oil Lubricant

The unit needs to be kept well lubricated to function properly. Insufficient lubrication can result in Ac compressor failure.


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