Without the correct installation, maintenance and usage, air conditioners can cost you a lot of money. Most of these expenses are incurred through soaring electricity prices, the cost of purchasing new parts and the repairs through lack of maintenance. This article highlights some of the common air conditioning mistakes that you should avoid.

Most Common Airconditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Leaving the Air Conditioner Running When Not at Home

Although it’s a nice feeling to step into your house after a long day out and be met with a fresh cool breeze, leaving the air conditioning unit running when you are not at home will add a substantial amount to your electricity bill. It is advisable to turn up the thermostat a few degrees when you are leaving your house to ensure energy is saved. Also, you can install a programmable thermostat to help you with the issue.

Neglecting the Filters

Dirty AC FiltersOther than allowing fresh air into the house, a clean filter allows the system to run efficiently. When you ignore cleaning of these filters, debris and other particles will clog the filters leading to a blockage. When the filters block, they prevent air from freely travelling through the unit thereby wasting energy. Filters should, therefore, be cleaned regularly and changed at least once every three months.

Installing the Wrong Size Unit

For your home to cool efficiently, the size of the air conditioning unit has to suit your house in terms of space, the number of people and some other structural factors such as the number of windows and room height. Using a small unit for a big house will prove costly as the unit will have problems cooling it, therefore one may be forced to purchase a second unit which means more cash. On the other hand, a larger unit for a small room has a high cost of purchase as well as creating inconsistent temperatures due to frequent on and off cycling.

Poor Location of the Air Conditioning Unit

AC LocationWhere you install your air conditioning unit has an enormous impact on how well it functions. Although it may seem like an excellent idea to position the unit in a sunny spot, the direct sunlight may cause the unit not to work properly. The thermostat may give the wrong temperature readings for the room. For systems with an outdoor unit, it should be situated in a location that is free from tree cover, growing plants, and has adequate air flow.

Failure to Service the Air Conditioning Unit Regularly

Just like other equipment, air conditioners are likely to reduce in efficiency over time and eventually breakdown. Such occurrences will decrease their energy efficiency making them more expensive to run. Breakdowns can be prevented by scheduling regular maintenance checks of the unit at least once in a calendar year.


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