When you decide to air condition your house, it comes with a huge cost. From buying to running the unit, it will cost you money. For instance, you will see an increase in your monthly bill immediately after installing an aircon unit. That’s the running cost of the unit. So if you want to save money on air conditioners, you need to look at these two areas. How do you save money while buying and running the unit? The air conditioner tips below will help you save money on air cons while buying and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Power/Capacity Consideration

The power or capacity of the air conditioner is one of the key factors you need to consider. Each system is designed with the capacity to perform in a specific area. You, therefore, need to buy a unit that works for your room. Get the area (size) of the room is the most critical factor as it will help get the accurate size of the aircon unit that you need. Thereafter, use the universal guide that shows the area corresponding with the cooling capacity or size of the air con. The table below indicates the units to check:

10m 2 to 20m 22.6 kW
20m 2 to 30m 23.5 kW
30m 2 to 45m 25-6 kW
45m 2 to 65m 27-8 kW

If you make a mistake of buying a large cooling capacity unit for a small room, it will cost you more to run the unit since you will be paying even for wasted energy. That’s why you should get the exact capacity for your room to help you save money.

Buy Energy-Efficient Units

inverted air conditioner budget guideThe energy efficiency of the unit is crucial when it comes to cutting cost. If you invest in an air conditioner that offers consistent high efficiency, then you will save a lot of money. That is because they use little power hence helping you save on your air conditioner bill. They are also unlikely to become faulty frequently hence low cost of repair. However, the frequency of use is crucial because highly energy-efficient air cons can be expensive. For instance, you can use a highly energy efficient unit in the bedroom where you use it every night and for many hours. But use cheaper and less energy efficient unit for the living room because you don’t use them frequently. You can engage an air conditioning specialist to help you make the right choice. Also see our post on choosing the right air con for your home.

Utilize Different Modes and Functions in Different Situations

With advancing air conditioning technology, modern units are much improved and offer more features. One of the key things that you will notice is the many modes that they come with. Most air cons have an AUTO mode, a COOL mode, HEAT mode, DRY mode, and others. Similarly, some have an improved function such as Human function which detects the presence of a human. These modes and functions can be used to save you money in running the units.  For example, you can switch on dry mode when it’s too hot and humid in the room. This mode helps reduces the amount of humidity in the air hence cooling the room at a lower cost. You can also set the unit in auto mode to control temperature automatically. Use the human function to run the machine only when there is someone in the house.

Extended Warranty for Bedroom Units

Bedroom units are the most used in most households. That is because a normal person uses 6-9 hours in the bedroom. That simply means they are likely to wear out fast compared to other units. Their lifespan is also short due to the high rate of wear and tear. By purchasing an extended warranty for higher usage of aircon units, you will reduce the cost of running the unit by a huge percentage.

Avoid Units Advertised as “Quiet” for Larger Rooms

large room with quiet air conditionerIf you are air conditioning larger rooms, avoid “quiet” units as they are usually premium quality and sell at a premium price. Such air conditioners are only good for bedrooms and not large rooms such as living rooms. Larger rooms have been found to dissipate sound, and you will hardly notice the noise. That’s why having a “quiet” model is a waste of money. This avoidance will save you a lot of money.

Choose Your Seller Wisely

Where you buy your air conditioner says a lot on how much you will spend on it. If you fail to research the market effectively, you might end up buying it at a very high cost. Additionally, some sellers might sell you an outdated system that is inefficient and consumes a lot of power hence the high cost of power. Beware of unrecognized distributors as they might sell you a faulty air conditioner which will be useless or cost you more on regular repairs. Buy from a trustworthy air con installation company with guaranteed product warranties and a good reputation in the market.

Run the Air Conditioner More Economically

How you use your air conditioner determines a lot on what will be in the monthly bill. It is important to set the system using a programmed thermostat when you are not in the house or when asleep. Moreover, if you have no plans of being in the house for long, switch off the unit completely. This translates to a friendlier air conditioner bill. Frequent use of the air con means a higher rate of wear and tear. Therefore, use the air conditioner only when needed to avoid regular repairs or replacement. You will improve the lifespan of the unit.

Creative Ways of Keeping the Room Cool

cool room with ceiling fanIf you rely only on air cons to warm and cool your unit, you will end up with high air conditioner bills. You can keep your room cool using creative ways. For instance, you can install ceiling fans which cool any room by about five degrees. A bedroom fan produces gentle breezes at night hence cooling the room and consumes less power compared to air conditioners. In addition, you can use a less dense pillow when the room becomes very hot to keep your head cool during not nights. The pillows are a cheaper cost than constantly having the air con on and will reduce the cost of keeping the room cool. Last but not least is to switch off cooking equipment after you finish preparing your meals since they will heat the room if left on.

To get the most of your air conditioners money-saving plans, you can engage professionals like Inverted Air Con. They are air conditioning specialists offering astounding air conditioning installation Northern Beaches and repair services. They will also help you buy the right unit and provide customized tips to how to save on your air conditioner bill.

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