For most people investing in air conditioners, they do it for comfort. But did you know that an air con offers more than just comfort? Well, that’s true. You will be surprised to learn that there are many air-conditioner health benefits. In addition, these appliances also improve our quality of life. But what are the major benefits of air-conditioning? Well, in this guide you will be shocked by the many benefits you can get from an air conditioner.

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10 Benefits of Air-Conditioning

1. Reduce the Possibility of Asthma Attacks

Aircon HumidityOne of the biggest air conditioner health benefits is the reduction of asthma attacks. First, it is important to note that asthma attacks come as a result of poor air quality in the house. High levels of humidity and high amount of pollen in the air are the main asthma triggers. An aircon reduces humidity in the room and lowers the amount of pollen in the air hence reducing the possibility of asthma attacks. It also reduces the amount of mildew, mould, dust mites and other allergens that can also trigger an asthma attack. However, you must routinely change your air-con filters to maintain the supply of clean air into the house.

2. It’s a Life-Saver

Not many people might have noticed it, but every year, there is a significant number of people who die from heat-related situations. Every year we lose people in cases where the heat is always the surrounding factor. In places where the temperatures are high, people can have excess dehydration that could lead to death. But when you have an air conditioner installation in such places, then the amount of heat in the room is controlled hence preventing heat-related illnesses and deaths.

3. More Secure Homes

If you don’t have an air con at home, what do you do during the day and night when the temperature gets high? Well for most of us, we open windows to allow cool air to get into the house. But cool air is not the only thing that will come into the house. Once you open windows, you give thieves and intruders access to your house. But when you air-condition your home, you keep windows closed thus locking thieves and intruders out. That is how our homes become secure as the bad guys will find it more difficult to break-in.

4. Fewer Insects and Parasites

You might not have noticed it, but the fact is that ever since you got your house air-conditioned, the number of insects and parasites reduced significantly. The reason is because windows and doors where outdoor insects can gain access into your home are now closed. In addition, aircon filters also keep most of the insects away. Do you know that a good air conditioner can help keep indoor pets fleas and tick-free? Well, that’s true.

5. Better Sleepbetter sleep

This is another air conditioner health benefit that people in air-conditioned homes enjoy. In what kind of environment do you sleep better? Well, if you have observed carefully, you will notice that cool nights are the best for a good sleep. Therefore, when you have your house air-conditioned, you can set the air con to provide a cold environment. That is how you get to enjoy better sleep. In addition, if you are in places where insects disturb your sleep, then you need an air-conditioning system to stop them from getting access to your house.

6. Prevent Electronics from Overheating

No matter the kind of life you lead, you must have some electronics at home. Most basic electronic include television, radios, phones, computers, music systems, and others. In addition, of the machines in our homes also use electronic circuits for control hence making them partly electronic. For electronics to work properly, they require room temperature. Using these devices in high-temperature conditions make them overheat hence reducing their lifespan. If your home is air-conditioned, then you will be able to protect your electronic devices from overheating. That is how you will also extend the lifespan of your electronics.

7. Protects Furniture

This is another benefit of air-conditioning that you get to enjoy once you air-condition your home. Hot seasons like summer are accompanied by humid conditions, and that is what wreaks havoc on furniture of all kinds. It is common knowledge that wood loses and gains moisture depending on the prevailing air conditions. So when it gets hot and humid, wood gain moisture eventually causing it to rot. So those stylish wood couches, tables, beds, and other furniture won’t last for long in humid conditions. That is why you need an aircon to keep the room humidity-free, hence protecting your furniture. Check out our Surprising Facts About Air-Conditioners post to learn more interesting facts about air cons!

8. Reduced Risk of Dehydration

Dehydration is a serious thing that can cause health complications or even death. That is why health experts recommend that you drink a lot of water, especially during the summer season. Similarly, when your house is very hot, you are also likely to dehydrate due to sweating. But with an air conditioned home, the risk of dehydration is significantly reduced.

9. Low Noise

If you are not using an air conditioner, you are probably using a fan to keep the house cool. Although you might get the house cool, you will have to deal with a lot of noise created by the fan. That means you cannot concentrate well due to such noises. Similarly, in the night, you might have problems getting sleep. But with an air conditioner, your doors and windows will remain closed hence no noise from the outside. Air cons are also silent during operation therefore resulting in little or disturbance.

10. Improved Work Performance

Office Environment with Aircon (1)

Nothing can be as exhausting as working in hot conditions. It is not only an uncomfortable environment but can also be stressful. But with an air conditioner, you can create a conducive working environment hence improving your performance.

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