Window air conditioners are the most common type used in residential and commercial buildings in Australia. They are very flexible in use and affordable compared to other types of AC units. On top of that, they are easy to install, even by yourself. But one potential problem with these air conditioners is mould. If allowed to build up, the mould can affect the performance and the lifespan of the unit, particularly if it starts affecting the coils. Check out these tips to help you prevent mould in your window air conditioner.

Preventing Mould in Window Air Conditioning

1. Perform Regular Maintenance

This is a key factor that many people ignore. For most of us, it is seen as waste of time and money to service the AC. As long as the system is working and the room is getting cooled, we don’t care. You need to note that before the mould can be seen from the outside, it will grow inside. Mould builds up over a period of time, and that’s why it’s important to perform regular maintenance. With regular servicing, you will be able to clear the mould before it has reached damage causing levels. The good thing about window air conditioners is that you can service it without the need for a technician.

AC Moisture2. Control the Moisture

One of the main reasons why mould will start building up in air conditioners is excess moisture. But this is preventable by buying an air conditioner with humidity control. This is a feature that enables the appliance to take away the moisture in the air and to a level that mould cannot form. Although it might be a little expensive compared to other models, the long-term gains make it worth while.

3. Never Stop the Air Conditioner

One major mistake that people make is shutting down their air conditioner while going out for vacation in warmer months. With no air flow in the house, the moisture will start to build, and the temperature will rise due to lack of air circulation. This provides the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. You can prevent this by leaving your window air conditional in “auto” mode so that it can continuously regulate the quality of the air around it and the house.

4. Conduct Deep Maintenance

Cleaning ACAfter installing your Window AC Unit, it’s necessary to have regular maintenance. Sometimes, a deep maintenance service is what the unit needs. You need to hire a professional air conditioner technician if you don’t have the skills.  It’s recommended that you use clean motor oil to lubricate the interior parts of the unit to discourage the formation of mould.

5. Make Dust Your Enemy

Dust aids mould growth. Ensure that you remove any dust forming in and near your AC unit. For better results, make use of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust thoroughly. Make it a weekly routine if you live in a dusty place.


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