We cannot dispute the importance of air conditioners in keeping your home cool during the heat of summer – it’s an essential appliance. But this comes with an extra cost on your energy bills. In fact, it’s estimated that air conditioner accounts for almost 70% of the summer electricity bills. However, most of this cost comes from mistakes that homeowners make. Here some of the common air conditioning mistakes that are increasing your energy bills and how to reduce them.

Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

1.    You Have an Air Conditioner that’s The Wrong Size

Big AirconsThis is a major costly mistake that most people make. There is an air conditioning myth that large system will provide you with more comfort but it’s a lie. If you settle for a unit that is designed for a house larger than yours, it will not run efficiently. Similarly, if you get a small unit, it will take longer to cool the room. A small unit will be forced to work harder, and this is likely to exert more pressure particularly on the compressor, and it will fail prematurely. It’s important to purchase a system which is designed for the size of the area you want to cool.

2.    You Run the Unit Too Much

Although an air conditioner is designed to cool your home, it does not necessarily mean that it should run day and night. For your system to remain in good shape, give it a break from time to time. Air Conditioning Specialists suggest that you should consider turning the unit off late in the evening and opening windows to cool the room naturally. Running your air conditioner continuously will not only damage it but also increase your electricity bills.

3.    Using air conditioner only

Most of the people think that air conditioners are a substitute for ceiling fans, but this is not the case – they should be used in tandem. Although the fan does not cool the air, it does help the air conditioner to work effectively. Fans work by pushing the air downward to create a chill effect which makes the room cooler. This is how it reduces the AC’s load. Neither substitutes the other, they should be used together. 

4.    Mounting the air conditioner in a hot location

AC in Hot spotsThe location where the air conditioner is placed is an important factor to consider. It’s a great idea to mount the outdoor unit or the unitary AC in an open spot, but you need to check the intensity of the sunlight. If the unit is exposed to extreme heat, it will be forced to work harder, and this will use more electricity. To reduce this cost, you need to install an air conditioner in a shady location.

5.    Your unit is in a hidden location

This is another mistake that’s common with central air conditioning systems. The outdoor unit is usually placed behind the house. After some time, shrubs and plants may grow to the point of hiding the unit. This may start hindering proper ventilation of the system thus lowering its efficiency. Falling leaves and debris for the surrounding vegetation might also clog condenser coils which will also reduce unit’s efficiency.


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